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"1939 Chevy COE PU"     1939 Chevrolet COE

Introduction / Overview:

 !939 Chevy COe PU and the trailette trailer, It was a reconstruction project from a truck that was built in 1989, We took it all the back to the frame and updated everything. Changed the things I wanted to make it my truck and added special touches. The best thing about my truck is that people of all ages love it. Little kids will point it out to their parents and the older generation love it just as much

     Show'em if You Got "em  This truck is for sale if you are interested I have another project I want to build 60K

Drivetrain:  1997 LT1  350 and the 4 speed tranny were donated by a 1997 firebird, with 350 gear ratio it cruises down the hyway very nicely.
Chassis: mostly sits on a 1979 chevy truck frame with a caddilac steering box and power steering
Wheels and Tires:  20'wheels on the truck and 18" on the trailer
Body & Paint: Blood orange paint
Interioir: leather interior by Scott Stanley
Lifestyles: Build-It, Drive-It, Show Trucks