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"Gramps"     1953 Plymouth Sedan

Introduction / Overview: 1953 Plymouth Cranbrook Club Coupe that was a $500 parts car when I got it
Drivetrain: 218 flathead six, original except for 2 inch exhaust and Cherry Bomb. Three speed with electric overdrive in need of a solenoid and original rear end with 4.1 to 1 gears
Chassis: Original frame. Original front end with upper shock mounts welded to frame instead of upper A arm. I made brackets similar to what Fatman sells and installed them along with Chevy truck shocks. Rear springs rebuilt with new main leaves and an additional leaf, 2 inch lowering blocks and I modified the removable front spring mounts to lower the front of the springs 4 inches. I made and installed wedges to bring the pinion angle back into line.
Wheels and Tires: Steelies with original caps found online, GR78-15 radials with tubes 
Body & Paint: Pass side fender and deck lid replaced, floors, body mounts and trunk mounts replaced, many patch panels in outer body, numerous small dents taken out and as little bondo used as possible. All work done by me and is fairly smooth (but not great). Front bumper was removed, frame horn straightened with my Hi-Lift jack and a bumper from a 51 Plymouth installed. This car was very rough and anyone sane would have parted it out. I then took the car and some loose parts (fender skirts, grill and tail pan) to Maaco for a $300 single stage enamel spray. Went from a 50/50 to a good 20 footer, plenty of compliments on it and I got it back in 4 days.
Interioir: NOS seat covers, original dash in nice shape, old and nasty headliner and Masonite door panels. Rubber mats on floor.
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