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"The Beast"     1974 Chevrolet C-10

Introduction / Overview: 1974 Chevy C-10 rat custom. Air ride in front (soon in rear also) propane tank for air tank and manual ball valves run system (low $$) Big notch in rear, axle on top of springs and long shackles to get the back down. Rattle can paint, engine paint, newsprint and tape from the dollar store for the scallops and other graphics. Interior done with help from my wife, who provided cheetah print PJs for dash, arm rests and bicycle seat upholstery.  
Drivetrain: .040" bored 350 with Edelbrock 600 on a Holley Street Dominator intake ($25 at the flea market). Dynomax headers, homebuilt side pipes with Cherry Bombs, dumps and stacks. 350 trans, 3.73 to 1third member.
Chassis: Air Ride front, propane tank with manual valves for air system, homemade. Original brakes, reat suspension has big C notch with axle on top of the springs and long shackles to get the rear down. Air Ride on rear coming soon when I get some bags in my price range (I paid $80 for the fronts and fabbed all the brackets and hardware)
Wheels and Tires: Original steelies with P235/75R-15 radials
Body & Paint: No body work except sanding (rust holes intact) $1 rattle can flat black, engine paint scallops with dollar store tape and newsprint masking.
Interioir: Cheetah print dash and arm rests (wife's PJs) Mexican blanket on seat, wood console with crappy radio and speakers (CD player in it soon). Swap meet wheel with suicide knob from a Nebraska feed store, must have been on a tractor. Got it from a guy at work 0$.
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