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"The Duke"     1973 Ford F250

Introduction / Overview:

Its starting as a73 F250 swd long bed. I am making a 73/76 short bed stepside truck rod, 3" drop in the front, simple paint that still 'pops' Too much engine, a street light drag king, and sunday cruiser.

 Western themed, browns and leathers, Think John Wayne Westerns... Real and gritty but fun. Almost planning a tribute to the Duke, thus the trucks nick name. 


 Ford Big Block 460 based 521 (aprox 550 to 600HP planned), Maybe blown.... T-56 Magnum, Ford 9" rear, 4.10 geared, aussie locker, Dual piston calipers and Discs on all four corners.

Chassis: 3/4 ton, long bed chopped to short bed.
Wheels and Tires: 33" or equivalent rear,  about smaller in the front for a lean stance, still a loooong way out in picking this.
Body & Paint:

Home built Stepside bed(OK, so its a ford and you call it Flare Side...), custom shape rear fenders, One off grill  inserts/light arangement.

Dual sun roofs, rear open. 

Root beer brown, or chocolate brown... something with lots of depth, and a little flake on top.  No side trim, color matched front grill shell and grill, bumpers. 


Only chrome on the truck will be the custom side pipes that transition into stacks op the back of the cab.  Maybe chrome rims, smoothies with baby moon caps.



Interioir: Will be tuck and roll light brown saddle blanket and chocolate brown leather. color matched dash/trim to the outside. Good sound,but not a 'thumper', stock look accessories.
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