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"BLOWN HUGGER ORANGE 1969 CAMARO"     1969 Chevrolet Camaro

Introduction / Overview: Blown and Slammed ’69 Camaro     As a small kid, my older brother who was in high-school in the late 60's, always had pictures torn from the pages of Hot Rod Magazine hanging on his bedroom walls.  And it was always the cars with the blowers that caught my eye.  I told myself, when the time was right, someday I would put a blower in a car I owned.   In my highschool years, I was insistent on owning a 1969 Camaro and nothing else.  Perseverance and alot of hard work paid off and I bought my first '69 Camaro in 1981.  Which I still have to this day.  However, it's not the car pictured here, as this one was bought in 2003.  Yeah - I own two '69 Camaros and that's still not enough.      


Drivetrain: 383 small block with a Blower Shop 671 sitting on top, fed by two Holley 650cfm carbs.  Heads are AFR 195's, stock out of the box.  Also running a SCAT crank, JE pistons, Manley rods, etc.   In addition, I'm running a March Pulley system hanging on the front of the motor.  She made 614hp on the dyno and we probably left 50hp behind, in order to keep it running just rich enough for the street.  This motor was built by my buddies at CBA Machine in Chandler.  Scott and Zac did and amazing job on this 614hp small block.  They are highly recommended !!!  Jay Erschen, of MHP Machine in Mesa helped dyno this motor on the stand - the man is a genius when it comes to blown motors - or any for that matter.
Chassis: No fancy smancy stuff here.  Stock front suspension with a 1" sway bar and heavy duty small block coil springs cut 1 and 1/2 coils.  Eaton rear springs, 5 leaf de-arched 2-inches.  Polyeurethane everywhere.   KYB shocks at all four corners and that is it.   Car rides like a dream, but I do have a little tire scrub in the rear.  She settled in a little more than I expected after she was driven for a few months.  So, may have to rectify with a different shock in the rear or possibly - don't say it - air shocks !!!!!  Hey--I'm poor and live paycheck to paycheck like everyone else.
Wheels and Tires: 17" Torque Thrust II's - the best looking rim on a Camaro period.  I checked out others and kept coming back to these.  These are off the shelf 17x7's on the front and 17x8's on the rear. BFGoodrich tire sizes are: (F) 225/45ZR17 (R) 255/45ZR17

Body & Paint: The Hugger Orange is a tribute to a guy in Farmington, New Mexico, that drove a Hugger Orange '69 SS Camaro with a black vinyl top as well.  He dusted me good in a street race one Saturday night, as I was driving my other 1969 Camaro.  I never got to meet that guy, but I would see that car from time to time and knew one day, I would have an Orange 1969 Camaro.  The paint and body work is courtesy of myself and Brian "I'm just a bodyman" Taylor.  Brian worked with my vision on the oversized hockey stripes and did a killer job on the paint.  Is the car perfect? No - but that's what makes it a driver.  If can't be driven, I don't want it. 
Interioir: The interior is standard black vynil, stock for the most part, except the silver painted 10-point cage with Chris Alston swing outs and silver colored Crow Racing seat belts, as well as a Hurst T-handle V-matic shifter.  Overall interior color theme is silver and black, which goes great with the orange, black and silver exterior.
Lifestyles: Builder, Restorer, Old-School, Hot Rodder, Street Rodder, Custom Rodder, Build-It, Drive-It, Rat Rod, Show Cars