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"Orange Squeaky Toy"     1970 Ford Mustang

Introduction / Overview: My Wifes' Own Vic Tanney
This car was used as my daily driver for about six years before being retired to restore it. It has since been "aquired" by my wife. It is a plain coupe which has been economically resto-modded to HER particular likes and needs using MY labor. A resto-mod muscle car. The nickname came from an unfortunate trait acquired because of the extensive use of polyurethane bushings in the car.
Drivetrain: The engine and transmission are the rebuilt original 302 small block with a C4. An Edelbrock Performer and a Holley 650 carb have been added. An Accel Supercoil supplies the juice to a Pertronix upgraded distributor.The battery has been relocated to the trunk.
Chassis: The suspension is a combination of OEM, Total Control and Pro-Motorsport G-Plus pieces. The suspension lowering in front is a combination of a 2 1/2 inch G-Plus a-arm lowering kit and cut big block springs. New leaf springs and 1 inch steel spacers are used in the rear. 1.5 inch front sway bar and 3/4 inch rear sway bar have been added. The normal export brace and Monte Carlo bar have been installed in the engine compartment. All rubber components have been replaced with Energy Suspension polyurethane units.The rear has a 3.55 open 8 inch unit in the original housing. I did an upgrade to the 2 1/2 inch wide brakes.
Wheels and Tires: The wheel / tire combination is pure Ford! NOS 14x7 Mach1 steel wheels and NOS factory Ford simulated mag hubcaps with BF Goodrich 235-60/14 tires. I prefer the low to the ground look and this combination gets it done!
Body & Paint: Most of the exterior upgrades are the by product of a friends shop for Mach1 restorations. The sport lamp grille, rear spoiler, sport mirrors and gas cap are part of this package. It had been re-colored to the Grabber Orange. It has since been upgraded with a self fabricated cowl induction hood.
Interioir: The interior is modified. The removal of the rear seat area has been replaced by a custom built shelf which has been carpeted and has a aluminum luggage rail. and upgraded 86 Mustang bucket seats. A Grant Classic series steering wheel replaces the origonal rim blow unit. The dash is currently being redone to a new custom configuration with aftermarket gauges.
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