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"CHEVHELL"     1968 Chevrolet Chevelle

Introduction / Overview:

I have had this car for about 10 years now and it has been nothing but a great time.  Not at all, all out on anything just a fun old car that I make faster whenever I have the time or money.  I only have about 10 more years to find something else because my son may get this one if he helps to work on it.   Seeing as he already has since he was two it will probably end up being his. 

Drivetrain: 396 BB bored 60 over hydralic roller.  edelbrock RPM, Pro systems carburetor.  Hughes turbo 400 and lockright noisey loker rear end with 3:90 gears
Chassis: Stock save for some no hop bars and edelbrock lower controle arms
Wheels and Tires: Stock ralley wheels
Body & Paint: Silver black stripes.  10 year old paint.  Many battle scars.  Could use a redo when the money says it can have one.
Interioir: Stock other than a few mods to the dashboard.  Metallica light in the R N12D window and a tach installed inside the old clock position.  Plus a self made steering wheel.
Lifestyles: Build-It, Drive-It