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"Honey Bee"     2008 Smart ForTwo

Introduction / Overview:

I just got this little honey. It's like driving an "ergonomic lounge chair" down the road. I am having so much fun in it I can't believe I'm now one of those people I've been laughing at all this time.

I am a little afraid of hitting squirrels in it though, god forbid a rabbit.

It might not fit into the typical cool ride genre, but I'm adding it anyway.  

Check out the specs for some interesting info about it, like total passenger weight can not exceed 507 lbs. WTF!!!





Mercedes Benz builds the Smart Car with a Mercedes engine in Europe, but a Mitsubishi engine for the US and Canada.

1 litr / 61 ci. 3 cylider (4 valves pr) in line rear mount - rear wheel drive.

71 hp at 58 rpm, 0 - 60 in 12.8 sec. max 90mpr

Net torque 68 lbs / ft. at 4,500 RPMs.

Automated Manual Transmission w/ Paddle shifters. 

Wheels and Tires: Front: 155/60 R15, Rear: 175/55 R15
Body & Paint: Passion, w/moon roof. Light Yellow.
Interioir: Bungee grey (whatever that means)
Lifestyles: Euro