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"Comanche LSR 3"     1988 Jeep Commanche

Introduction / Overview:

The Comanche LSR3 was built to set land speed records at Bonneville,El Mirage and Maxton.  It competes in the D/PMP class( 5.0L  Production Mid-Mini Pickup)  

It was constructed over the winter and spring of 2008-2009.  I was at Bonneville in the summer of 2009 but did not run due to engine problems.   It is scheduled to run at Maxton and Bonneville in 2010


The truck is equipped with a Jeep 4.0L inline 6 that has been bored and stroked to 5.0L.   It uses a Haltech fuel injection system and independent throttle bodies. 

The transmission is a specially built Borg Warner T10 with a .8 OD

The rear axle is the original Dana 44 . 

Chassis: The Chassis is stock, however the rear has been converted from leaf spring to a 4 link, and the front has the solid axle dropped 4"
Wheels and Tires: The Truck has Marsh Racing wheels on all 4 corners, 5" on the front and 6" on the rear.  The wheels have speed discs on them.  Tires are standard street radials.
Body & Paint:
Interioir: The interior is basically stripped, roll cage installed and a Kirky racing seat, fire supression system  and parachute release
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