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"DEAD STORAGE"     1966 Cadillac Fleetwood

Introduction / Overview: Dead Storage is a 1966 Hearse / Ambulance. I am in the process of putting back on the road so I can drive it while I build it. The crazy thing about this ride is that it became a Hearse / Ambulance on 6 of 66. The goal is to have a haunted limousine with complete show controls and and events happening inside that you will never see in any other anywhere. Haunted surf tours are o the menu along with other cool ideas. I will try to keep this updated with som great pics soon. Thanks.
Drivetrain: Cadillac 429 OUT - Cadillac 472 IN customised to my liking. there will be a show every time you open the hood or press the alarm button. The engine is rebuilt stock bu custom deatails including welded on sider webs and chattering skulls. Trans is the factory turbo 400.
Chassis: Factory set up for now. Lookig for inexpensive but effective ways to improve performance and adjust the ride hight.
Wheels and Tires:

Ok i changed the wheels to 80s Checy Truck Ralley wheels. they still need 1' beauty rings and Chrome center caps . They are painted Hammered green and white.

Body & Paint:

Pulled off cheep ass paint scheme but it looks pretty cool. I want the roof to be the mint green hammered look but it appears that the color has been discontinued.

Interioir: Very clean factory interior. I will be selling off a lot of the interior to make room for some cool moifications. Ultra clean roof liner and seats, soor panels pretty darn nice as well. The floor needs my attention in the front. 90% of the deck in the back is in good shape but I am not sure I can remove it without destroying it. Contact me if you are interested in seeing some pics of these items. they will be up for sale at some point.
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