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"Chevy COE Truck"     1951 Chevrolet COE

Introduction / Overview: This is my 1951 Chevy COE truck. Home build. The chassis is from A 1972 GMC 1/2 ton truck. The cab from 1951. The engine is put back 32” and 8” down in the chassis. So it sits under the floor. The floor is placed 3” up in the cab and the fire wall 5” forward. More lege room.
Air bags on all 4 corners so when parkt the cab sits on the road. Kustom made bed.
Drivetrain: 1972 Buick 455 TH400 1979 Pontiac rear axle
Chassis: 1972 GMC 1/2 ton Pickup
Wheels and Tires: Chevy steel home made 8x15 15x15 255/70-15 16,5/31-15
Body & Paint: mother nature platina
Lifestyles: Old-School