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"Poochie"     1961 Ford Econoline Van

Introduction / Overview: This is my 1961 Econoline Panel Van that I was fortunate enough to have given to me by the Original owners grandson, one of my dads colleagues. It was a delivery van for...Earl Clements and his wholesale businness selling cigars, tobacco, candy, and drugs. Sat in a garage from 1986 to Christmas of 2007. The great thing about this van is that when it was in the wpork field it was parked in a warehouse every night after its daily rounds. Only rust on this entire van was pinholes in the passenger floorpan(damn passengers and their sweaty feet.)This is my first classic car, and this will also be my first car, Im 14 and i have been influenced by ld cars since I have been alive.

When i got the van it had a 144 six cylinder, which was probably so small because it was ordered from the dealership for the cheapest price possible.

I plan on transplanting the van with a nice fresh mildy carbed 302, backed by an Automatic Overdrive Trans.


This thing is going to have a completely custom chassis, to make it sit as low as possible. Im going to Include a picture of my desired ride height. and trust me youll know which one it is.

Wheels and Tires: Im either going to run some classic Cragar S/S rims, or the original Steel wheels, with a sweet patina.
Body & Paint:

Body is staying the way it is, bodywork is no fun anyways. Paint?

Interioir: Still thinking about this one. Originally this one was ordered the cheapest possible, meaning there was only one seat with the van.
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