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"Sea Level_"     1927 My Ride is Me

Introduction / Overview: 

I got this body from the nieghbor in trade after I built a sport cage for his golf cart. It is a 27 Essex 4 door, and the rest is history. My wife started a blog(above address) for me now that I am on here I will transfer everything over to this site

Drivetrain: Chevy 427 BBC(sitting for 10 years in the nieghbors garage, long block, trade), 2 speed Powerglide(swap meet), Ford 9"(first truck I ever owned '73 f-100 ranger) 
Chassis: Home made from 2X3, 2X4 steel
Wheels and Tires: none yet
Body & Paint:

4 Door Essex no paint

Interioir: None
Lifestyles: Builder, Build-It, Drive-It, Rat Rod