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"Chick Truck"     1964 Ford F100

Introduction / Overview:

Just my baby.

Waiting for my license so my dad and i bought it from jimmy smith.  It's my dream truck!

Don't ask if it was jimmy's, just look at the license plate.

My truck is pretty spoiled. All my friends love it and some people are amazed at how sweet it is.  You wont just see it at shows, i plan to drive it everywhere.

Drivetrain: 351 Cleveland with auto transmission.

Volari front clip, custom rear chassis with parallel four bar and transverse leaf.


Wheels and Tires: BFG's with American's in the rear and ET's in the front.
Body & Paint:

Red Oxide Epoxy (Squeeg's).

Bodywork by Jimmy et al, and Squeeg's.

Pinstriping by Ron Hernandez.

Interioir: Mexican Blanket seats and black carpet. Pretty Basic.
Lifestyles: Restorer, Rat Rod