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"TheRoseParade"     1939 Chevrolet C1500 Pickup

Introduction / Overview: This is my first project as a "ratrod". I'm starting with 1939 Chevy truck body and chassie. I'm still in the begining stages so any thing can go and I'm sure I will make many changes of ideas as I go. I work for a company in Phx, Az that has given my crew an self free range on anything in our inventory to use. We are 1 of the largest salvage yards in Arizona so almost anything is posiable. Im reall hoping to net work and maybe help out with the needs of other people.
Drivetrain: What we have collect so far is a basic gm 350 with and saginaw 4speed trany. Nothing to fancy. This will just be to get things started and move things quickly. I have put away a 57 Buick "nailhead" and a 55 331 Hemi. This way after we are done here we can move foward with some new and faster!
Chassis: Chassis will remain oringal with a just few minor changes! We will be shortening the frame by about 2' and lower the truck about 16" The longest part on getting started was trying to figure what front end to use. Being our first project money is the downer. While anything in the yard is up for grabs, we are not allowed to spend company funds, we can use our own duckets but not the Boss's. So after many sugestions we are going with a Pacer front end. Ugly but modern and it fit almost to perfect! Oh and the botl pattern matchs our Granda rea assy that we are using
Wheels and Tires: N/A
Body & Paint: No paint just a lot of cutting will done
Interioir: N/A
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