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"Eileen"     1964 Ford F250

Introduction / Overview:

I bought this black beauty from a lady I worked with. She only wanted $500 so I drove it home. The engine is still basically Ford 292 Y-Block but now has all forged internals. Check "Specs" for more details of the build-up!

The bed is '67 Ranger, grille is '63 F-350, and the seats are turquoise '66 Pontiac Tempest. On the weekends, I like to bolt on the tractor paddle tires for off-road fun. She's a bit of a mutt, I know, but I only have a total of $1500 invested (the engine was mostly leftover parts) and I truly love toolin' around town with her. No AC, no radio, no 4-way flashers, no reverse lights, no fancy wipers, no power steering, and the heat is compliments of the headers running just beneath my feet. Security system? Well, I do have a "Folsom State Prison" sticker in the back window so not too many people are ballsy enough to violate her. Who could ask for more from a truck?


340 DYNO'ed Horsepower!!!
1957 T-Bird Y-Block bored to 298 cubic inches
TRW Forged Flat-top pistons (TRW-L2017F60)
Forged Lunati connecting rods (LUN-LMT9)
1957 Ford T-bird cylinder heads; P&P, 3-angle valve job
1.5:1 ratio forged adjustable shaft mounted rocker arms
Stainless Steel Ferrea 1.650" intake/1.510" exhaust valves
Isky 286S SOLID flat tappet camshaft
Isky Solid lifters (ISK-302-H)
Cloyes HD double-roller timing set (CLO-C-3031)
Sealed Power high volume oil pump
ARP fasteners throughout
1957 Holley 4bbl intake manifold
100th Anniversary Holley 650 carburetor
Hedman exhaust headers
Glasspacks...don't say it, I already know
1959 Ford Fairlane 3-speed manual tranny w/jockey shifter
Dana 60 w/ 3.54 gears (4.56's as back-ups)

With the paddle tires and 4.56's, this beast is a STUMP PULLER!!!!

Chassis: Completely stock '64 F-250 chassis
Wheels and Tires: Steelies all around with a spare set of rear rims for the tractor paddle-tires!
Body & Paint:

'64 cab, '67 Ranger bed, and '63 grille

 I "modified" all the factory RUST HOLES with fiberglass and a fresh coat of suede black!

Iron plate (1" thick) rear bumper
Iron plate (1/2" thick) front PTO winch bumper


'66 Tempest seats, no radio (cuz you can't hear it anyway) no AC, no heat, one seatbelt

Lifestyles: Old-School, Build-It, Drive-It