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"APPAREL FOR HOT ROD BRODS"     2008 My Ride is Me

Introduction / Overview: Hotrod Apparel

Us gals need some really cool shirts and accesories to shop for at these shows that we go to.  Whether you are just goin to be with your significant others or goin to a show because you LOVE it, you need some cool stuff to buy!

My girlfriend and I always find when we go to the shows, there are very few vendors out there that sell really kick ass shirts and accesories.  We decided that it is time for us to change that!  You will soon see a new line coming out from htrdvxn and roddrgal and I hope everyone will be just excited as us!

Oh, you ask what the name of the line will be???  Just wait.....Have patience grasshopper...I think it will go over well.  This line will be for women only, but I guarantee the guys will be buying them for their wives!!

I will keep you posted, as everything is in the works!

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