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"Big Olds"     1947 Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser

Introduction / Overview:

I purchased Project Big Olds from Steve Henderickson in 2001 as a black primered project.  Over the years I worked on him during the winter months and cruised him around in summer months.

Took seven years but in March 2008 I debute" him upstairs at the Detroit Autorama.

As of April 2010 I've driven him over 103,000 miles with my butt in the drivers seat.

Drivetrain: Odls 455 w/turbo 400
Chassis: '83 Cutlas front clip
Wheels and Tires: Steel wheels with WWW Diamondbacks
Body & Paint: Mike Howell from Volenteer Autobody and myself did all the body and paint work.  I learned how to weld, grind, prime, paint, clear on Big Olds.  I learned how to use a plasma cutter and torch. 
Interioir: By Sean AKA Fat Luckys from the Austin Speed Shopin Texas
Lifestyles: Custom Rodder