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"AE86 Levin"     1985 Toyota Corolla

Introduction / Overview:

I have been an avid AE86 enthusiast for over 8 years, and have owned 4 in total. Somehow, all my cars have ended up being Toyota despite my love for all kinds of manufacturers. 

The Levin's objective was to build a streetable competition drift machine, but it is currently undergoing a new engine transplant directed more towards daily driving and autocross. 


AE101 block outfitted with Tomei forged pistons and crankshaft. Ported smallport head, HKS 272 in/ex camshafts, HKS adjustable cam sprockets, Power Enterprise kevlar timing belt. 0.8mm TRD head gasket, shot peened connecting rods, HKS lightweight flywheel, TRD clutch.  AE101 individual throttle body and manifold absolute pressure sensor setup conversion, Japanese Apexi Power FC engine management. 

Tomei technical trax limited slip differential


Custom TRD short stroke suspension 8kg/6kg, T3  roll center adjusters. Cusco tri point front and rear strut tower bars, Aerodyne Industries hatch bar, Jubiride chassis bars, Battleversion lateral rod. Cusco 6 point chromoly roll cage


Wheels and Tires: 15x8.5 SSR Doridori Mesh (Keiichi Tsuchiya Model), Toyo Proxes 4
Body & Paint: Toyota SuperWhite II paint code, japanese model Levin front end conversion
Interioir: Bride Zeta III full bucket seats, low position seat rails, TRD short throw shifter, Greddy gauges. Nardi steering wheel, RS Chita detacheable hub, Works belll Rapfix GTC tilt column. TRUST seat harnesses
Lifestyles: Race only