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"27 Tub"     1927 Ford Model T

Introduction / Overview: This is my '27 Ford Tub that I have been building with the help of my father. It started out as a touring car body we hauled out of an old barn.  It sits on a modified Model  A frame and is powered by a small block Ford.
Drivetrain: The drivetrain is a 302 Ford that I pulled out of an '84 Ford F-150 that I drove for years until the body rusted away. It mates to an AOD transmission out of a Couger and transmits the power to a 8.8 posi rear end harvested from a Crown Victoria wagon.
Chassis: The Chassis consists of an original Model A frame that has been straightened and then lengthend 9 inches. It is fully boxed and stiffened with a custom beam X-member. The front axel is a 39-41 Ford spring ahead with an un-split wishbone. It is suspended with a custom tuned spring pack under the front crossmember which was moved ahead and the spring pocket modified to attain the correct  caster. The rear suspension is a triangulated 4-link using custom tube links on the top and modified 34 Ford radius rods for the lower links.     
Wheels and Tires: Nothing fancy here.. the rear tires are 31 inchers that came off my old truck and the fronts are 25 inch tall car tires to give it a nice rubber rake. The back rims are off an old Chrysler and the fronts we pulled off a mid-80's Dodge van. I sandlasted them and painted them Safety Red with a spray can. I have some baby moons and trim rings to dress them up. 
Body & Paint: The bottom 3" of the body was pretty well shot so my father made some patch panels and stiched it all together. We smoothed out the area around the rear wheel wells and welded some tubing around the top edge of the body to replace what would have been the wood tack strip for the rear seat. We also chopped and moved the windshield posts ahead an inch and laid them back for a racier look.  Other than that it is a stock steel touring car body. The paint is low-buck Rustolium that we thinned and sprayed on. 
Interioir: The interior is still a work in progress. We have made a custom dash that will perfectly match the shape of the old Champion gauge panel I will run. For a seat we cut down the front bench seat out of a 39 Plymouth. The seat pan has a nice roll that goes real well with the T-body.
Lifestyles: Old-School, Hot Rodder, Build-It, Drive-It, H.A.M.B.