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"ChassisApache"     1958 Chevrolet Apache

Introduction / Overview: this a chassis for a 1958 Apache i set up for a customer. Body work was done by another shop.
Chassis: This was a stock chassis for a '58' Chevy Apache. We wanted something for a daily driver, but at the same time wanted something to drive to the show and compete as well. Started with the notch and boxing in the "C" channel rails. Along with the suspension and chassis, you have to keep in mind the drivetrain. He was going bigblock, at that point I decided to upgrade the cross members at the same time. We were gonna have a lot of travel with the air-ride, and a lot of horsepower. Not quite complete yet, waiting on the rest of the drivetrain and some small pieces. heres the link to my page with more pics. http://j-sins.com/2010/03/12/58-chevy-custom-chassis/
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