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"WILD WILLIE BORCSH"     1974 Ford Mustang II

Introduction / Overview: This is the original car driven by the famous "WILD WILLIE BORCSH". It was on EBAY and a friend of mine bought it and we restored it. I did all the paint work{ which was only a partial repaint]. The sides are the original "CIRCUS PAINT".I redid the grill, hood and roof. Tommy Thompson jr. did the chassis restoration, and DALE ARMSTRONG did the motor rebuild. Here I`m in the car doing some dry hops and a few burnouts. LOTS OF FUN!!!
Drivetrain: 426 HEMI,6-71 supercharger, injected, 2 speed LENCO
Chassis: 120" TUBE CHASSIS
Body & Paint: Originally done by CIRCUS PAINT and touched up in the restoration by LIL NEWT`S DESIGN WERKS
Interioir: NONE
Lifestyles: Race only