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"1937 Nashillac"     1937 Nash Ambassador

Introduction / Overview: After the first few 'long hauls' in Lil Mo my wife asked, 'so when you going to build a BIG one, for me?' Ahh, music to my ears. She wants running boards, big round fenders and a huge body. Found this '37 Nash Ambassador 8 in NY and she loved it. It was a barely started street rod project (just had a MII front end). Car was rock solid, so struck a deal and trailered it home. Having a blast tearing it down and creating another monster. The Morris is 12.5 feet long. This beasts FRAME is almost 17 feet. This'll be Annie's Turnpike Terror.
Drivetrain: 1970 Cadillac 472 (375 hp/500+ torque). New cam, lifters water pump. Polished Edelbrock intake and carb.w/ turbo 400 trans
Chassis: Original. Blasted and in process of boxing all rails, and a custom tube with tons of holes drilled for rear shock mounts. Mustang II front, Ford 9" rear w/ 'highway' gears.
Wheels and Tires: Wide whites, 235/75/15's, baby moons on steelies or artillerys (she's still deciding).
Body & Paint: Body and engine bay all will follow a Red w/ Gold trim format. Looking at 2-tone combo's for body. Original rear suicide doors are great!
Interioir: Restore original gauges for 12v. Tilt/tele column and modify original banjo wheel. Re-upholster original front couch/seat w/ new power seat framing. Rear seat is a 64 T-Bird 'bathtub' seat. All upholstery panels, headliner will be a red/white format and thick, dark carpet. Retain/restore old window shade in rear and hand pull straps for rear exit. Power windows w/ hand-crank look handles.A/C is a must.
Lifestyles: Builder, Restorer, Street Rodder, Build-It, Drive-It