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"Bad Bird II"     1999 Pontiac Firebird

Introduction / Overview: Owner MAXX2RACING (M2), with 2 Land Speed Racing (LSR) race cars now in our stable.

Richard (aka MAXX)  L. and Judy C. White

The Maxx2Racing (M2) Team

Lovelock, Nevada

The Royal Purple Maxx2Racing ‘Bad Bird’ LSR Race Car –and-

The Royal Purple ’99 Firebird LSR Race Car-Highway Hauler

2011 Royal Purple SEMA Show Feature Vehicle

2011 Point Imaging SEMA Show Product Demonstration Feature Vehicle

Mojave Magnum LSA/Nascar Bodied Car Records/224.9 MPH

LTA  Loring, Maine C/GCT Record Holder/208.490 MPH

AA/GCT Maxton Mile, NC Record Holder/205.886 MPH

Wilmington Mile, AA/GCT Record/202.7

Mojave Mile Nascar Bodied Car Record/202.4 MPH

Mojave Mile Land Speed Auto 1st Place/April 2011

David Haas 200 Club Records set in the RP ‘Bad Bird’-Four (4)’99 Firebird website

Wheels and Tires:
Body & Paint:
Lifestyles: Builder, Old-School, Hot Rodder, Muscle Cars, Build-It, Drive-It, Show Cars, Race only