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"Frankenstein"     1980 Datsun 280Z

Introduction / Overview: This is one of my babies.  ALmost ALL of my cars are Datsuns or Nissans.  I picke this car up for FREE from teh original owner after it had been sitting in his driveway for 8 years after blowing a headgasket.  I brough it back to life and its doing well.  I call him Frankenstein because its a mix and match of nissan parts bin technology at its best.  a tribute to junkyard engineering at its finest! 

Its got a L28E flat top block in it with a Maxima N47 head bumping the compression to 11.5:1.  I had a hot facotry cam (if there is such a thing) in it, but I am about to go with a re-grind cam and a custom intake manifold, that should make a noticable bump in power for a tide me over until I get the DOHC head completed and the turbo up and running. 

 I am running Megasquirt on it and I have tuned it myself.  I also set-up everything on the engine myself, and it is running megasquirt N Spark Extra, so it is a total EMS. 


The transmission is a nissan 240SX unit as opposed to the unit that came stock on it.  The 240SX unit is a bit stronger and has better gears than the old L series trans. 
Its got a 300ZXT clutch type LSD bolted into an Infiniti M30 3.9 R200 pumpkin. 


New Motorsports sway bar kit, polyeurethane bushings, M30 rear control arms with camber-toe adjustment and CV half shafts. 

 Modified S14 Apex'i N1 Pro coilovers and S13 hubs with Z32 big brakes and J30 calipers. 

Wheels and Tires: nothing that great right now, MSW black meshies 15x7 +12 and crappy old goodyear tires.  plans call for some XXR 503s in a 17x8+35 in front and 17x9 + 35 in rear and some Z rated sticky tires sometime in the very near future. 
Body & Paint: Stock paint scheme 2 tone SIlver on blue.  gotta dig the 1980s.  Car is lowered 2" all the way around and has a front air dam.  A G-nose specifically made for the 280ZX and a set of fender mirriors will follow shortly. 
Interioir: prettymuch for now, with re-covered high-back seats out of a coupe 280ZX. 
Lifestyles: Builder, Old-School, Build-It, Drive-It, Club Racer, Tuner