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"Miss Daisy"     1965 Mercury Comet

Introduction / Overview:

A nice (if you like Comets) resto-mod done from a rust free Louisiana car.  The cheapie model "202" that came bare bones from the factory at Lorain, Ohio with an inline 6 cylinder 200CI single barrel carb - bench seat - three on the tree (steering column mounted) shifter/non-syncro transmission - 3.25:1 open rear.  It also had an AM radio (lol).

Then the fun began, and hasn't stopped yet! 


1997 Ford Explorer cured 302 cubic inch engine bored .40 over to 347 cubic inch with Ford Cobra heads.  Converted from EFI to carburetion - sitting on 69 Mustang motor mounts for a 3/4 inch rise.  "Blue Thunder" highrise aluminum intake manifold with three "Holley" 256 CFM deuces with progressive linkage - fed by a "Mr. Gasket" electric fuel pump through a "Purolator" in-line filter and a "Spectre" adjustable fuel regulator.  Breathing through custom made polished cast aluminum air cleaners.  Ignited by a 1985 Mustang 5.0 "Dura-Spark" ignition/distributor & amplifier box.  (Note:  1985 was last year Dura-Spark was used with carburetion - NEED to know if converting from EFI with coil packs to carburetion).  Exhausting through 2 & 1/2 inch "Hedman" headers and "FlowMaster" "Delta Flow 40's' with pipes over the axles.  Cooled by "Tru-Cool" side tanks aluminum radiator with chrome overflow bottle.  A serpentine belt and pully set-up cranks the alternator, water pump, and "Sanden" mini AC compressor which is mounted on a custom made cast aluminum mount.  Battery relocated to trunk, an "Optima" 'red-top' mounted in a custom made cast aluminum bracket/box.

Transmission is a "T-5 Tremec Ford World Class" aftermarket for years 79 thru 93  V8 Mustang  ~ 5 speed manual with cobra tapered roller pocket bearing - 1 & 1/16 inch 10 spline input and 28 spline output shafts rated to 330 ft/lbs of torque ~ gear ratios (1st) 2.95, (2d) 1.94, (3d) 1.34, (4th) 1.1, (5th) 0.63, (Rev) 2.76.  Bellhousing, pressure plate, flywheel, and clutch disc aftermarket for years 87 thru 93 V8 Mustang using a cable actuated clutch. ~ A 3 & 1/2 inch diameter "Ford Racing" aluminum driveshaft aftermarket for years 79 thru 95 V8 Mustang hooks this all up to a 97 Ford Ranger 8.8 inch, 3.73:1 ratio "Trac-Loc" posi.

This setup with a curb weight of approximately 2,900 pounds had a best 1/8 Mile ET of 8.826 at 84.31 MPH and a best 1/4 Mile ET of 13.409 at 109.69 MPH on street tires.  (didn't really hook up until 3d gear.. lol) 


"Crites" custom made weld-in subframe connectors.  "Lakewood" traction bars.  Ford Granada spindles with 11 inch disc brakes plumbed with a 1980 Ford Pinto dual master cylinder and proportioning valve.  Factory upper and lower control arms (new) with ball bearing pivioting spring perches.  Custom made strut rods with swaged tubing adjustment capability.  One inch diameter front anti-sway bar.  Shortened axle tube rear housing with leaf springs moved inboard 1 & 1/2 inch each side for tire/wheel clearance to eliminate mini-tub requirement - 1 inch thick lowering blocks. 

Wheels and Tires:

FRONT:  P195/70R14 tires on five lug 6 inch "American Racing Torque Thrust D" aluminum wheels, mounted on 1/2 inch diameter lug nut studs.

REAR:  P235/60R15 tires on five lug 8 & 1/2 inch "American Racing Torque Thrust D" aluminum wheels, mounted on 1/2 inch diameter lug nut studs.

Body & Paint:

Started with rust free body.  All sheet metal is the original.  Completely disassembled and given a rotisserie clean up

Painted with "Bright Yellow" "DAR" acrylic enamel after all metal emblems and badges were removed and their holes leaded in. ~ Wide silver accent stripe painted on hood, roof, and trunk ~ Hood, trunk, rear quarters, and front fenders emblems were painted on with 'Airbrush' applications. ~ Then LOTS of clearcoat to cover it all.

Side window frames that were painted on "202" models have stainless model "404" 'bright trim' added. ~  The 'bright trim' that came from the factory on the model "202" roof drip rails was removed.

Bumpers, headlight bezels, taillight bezels, and windsail trim pieces were rechromed to 'high quality'. ~ NOS taillight lenses were found and installed. ~ The only aftermarket items are the door handles. ~ Exterior radio antenna removed and hole leaded in.

All new gaskets, window fuzzies, and rubber seals installed. ~ Side windows and rear glass are the originals, the windshield is new aftermarket. 


After gutting the interior I went on to remove the original radio, ashtray, cigarette lighter, heater controls and unit, emergency brake and mechanism, dome light, and door-jamb on/off swith buttons for the dome light. ~ All holes and openings for these removed items were filled in.

After reassembly and painting of the dash and other interior areas it was ready to be put back together MY WAY ~ After insullating the firewall, floor, and other nooks and crannies, carpet and windlace was installed. ~ Not wanting the bench seat in front, after some research, I decided that bucket seats (with headrests removed) from a 2000 Ford Escort would fit nicely with the 5 speed shifter and a mini console.  So those seats and the original rear seat were reupholstered  along with the door panels and rear seating area quarter panels with custom vinyl & tweed two-tone materials. ~ New aftermarket kick panels, headliner, door sill plates, and door handles and window cranks were installed. ~ Added remote controlled AM/FM under dash stereo/CD with 'hidden' antenna & speakers. ~ "Vintage Air" under dash AC ~ "Sun" tachometer & matching under dash mechanical mini gauges ~ mini console ~ hidden auxillary plug-in receptacle for use with GPS, DC to AC converter, computer, windshield defoger/defroster, cell phone charger or other accessories. ~ Installed "hot wire" through firewall from starter relay with quick disconnects for a portable seating area ceramic heater.  

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