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"1974RallyeChallenger"     1974 Dodge Challenger

Introduction / Overview: One of the last Challengers ever built, this one was built in February 1974.  This is the first car I ever owned, purchasing it in 1979 for the sweet price of $1,600.00!  It had 29k on the odometer then, and only has 45k original miles on it now.  I only run this baby to car shows.  It hasn't been in the rain, or even on wet pavement, since 1981.  I'll always keep my first car.
Drivetrain: All the original parts are still in this car:  318 cubic inch motor with a 3 speed manual shift on the floor transmission.  8 3/4 rear end with 3:55 limited slip differential.  Sway bars front and rear.  This is a very odd set up of parts, probably due to the fact that the E-body line was shut down less than 3 weeks after this car was built.  It was probably put together with leftover, off the shelf, parts.
Chassis: Original Chrysler Unibody chassis.  Old school Lakewood traction bars have been added, which usually isn't the way to go with leaf spring mopar suspensions (Pinion snubber is best).  Front disc brakes, rear drum brakes.
Wheels and Tires: I have circa 1983 Cragar Wheels with vintage L60 -15 "Spartan Warrior" bias ply on the back, and Deestone F78 -14 bias ply trailer tires (very skinny) up front.
Body & Paint: This is not the orginal color or stripes.  The paint job was put on when I first got it.  It is a Chrysler color called Sable Sunrise.  The gold pinstripes were added by my brother in 1981.  The strobe stripes originally on this car were removed.  It is a full Rallye version of the car with the raised hood and the fake gills on the side.
Interioir: All original in black color.
Lifestyles: Show Cars