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"1965 Barracuda 43jr"     1965 Plymouth Barracuda

Introduction / Overview: This is a 1965 Barracuda that I'm currently building from the ground up.  It will be used for car shows and bracket drag racing, with my wife Sandy as the driver.  I am building it as a "Tribute Car" in the image of "43 jr" the only car that Richard Petty ever drag raced (1964 - 1965).  It won't be an "exact replica" but it will be pretty close, and should look great too.
Drivetrain: Mopar Magic built 360 cubic inch Mopar V8  (43 jr used a 426, but that is WAY too expensive, and WAY to complicated for what I'm trying to create.  Transmission is a 904 Torqueflite automatic.  Like the "43 jr" car, the original 7 1/4 rear end was removed and replace with an 8 3/4.  The gears are 3:90 with posi-traction.
Chassis: Original 1965 Plymouth Barracuda unibody.  Rear springs have been helped slightly with "helper springs".  A racing pinion snubber has been added, as has a drive shaft loop for safety.
Wheels and Tires: Mickey Thompson drag ET radials in the back on solid Centerline wheels.  "Pizza cutter" volkswagon radial tires up front on Centerline wheels.
Body & Paint: ....body is Arizona "rust free" and very straight for a 44 year old car!  I'm still doing some fine tuning of the body, and then I'll paint it "Petty Blue" with the "43 jr" painted in white on the doors like the original car.
Interioir: One racing seat.  Everything else has been removed to make the car as light as possible.
Lifestyles: Race only