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"U R O"     1900 BMW Isetta

Introduction / Overview:

We will be picking up the drive train next week. It will be a 200cc motor and auto trans much like an ATV motor. Also it will have a single swing arm rear suspension with disc brake much like an ATV. Plus it will have an independent front end with disc brakes much like an ATV. Did i mention the donor is an atv, after all it has nearly 30percent more HP than the original motor. The suspension will be airbagged all around and we will be blowing our own canopy! Color will be a darker version of LimeTime with the heaviest flake I can get through the gun. We will come as close to Olli's rendition as possible but I fear because of the size of the car and the mechanics it will be a one seater.


Mar 17-2010        We will begin the DE-construction of the chassis on the ATV next week and begin building the new chassis. We have decided it will have one FATTY" tire on the back and will be a one seater. The front door will be molded in and the bubble will be the mode of entry/exit.



seperated the body and chassis today, all I have to say is WoW, the chassis weigs about a bizzillion pounds, o.k. its suprisingly heavy!

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