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"1982_CB900F_CF"     1982

Introduction / Overview:

This is a 1982 CB900F, soon to be a Super F but for the time being it is just a C.F. !

The plan is to put a modern front/rear suspension on this monster and give it a cafe style. The frame will be chopped down to a single seater and powder coated a copper color. The rest will be black.

Chassis: chopped rear w/ reinforcements for monoshock modification
Wheels and Tires:

Wheelbase: 59.6 in (1515mm)
Front Brake: 2, single-action calipers w/ dual live pistons, 270mm discs
Planned Front Brake: RC51 SP2
Rear Brake: Single-action caliper w/ dual live pistons, 300mm disc
Planned Rear Brake: RC51 SP2

Body & Paint: Seat Height:32.0 in (813mm)
Lifestyles: Biker, Custom, Old School, Café-Racer, Build-It, Ride-It