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"2001 Rat"     2001

Introduction / Overview: i built the bike because i think chrome is Gay ......         just kidding.....there is too many bolt together copy cat bikes and not enuf individuality in bikes...i like a bike that is diffrent and catch's my eye...even if i hate it as long as its diffrent its cool!!some people might not like my style of bike but they will trip over a $40K billet Queen to look at it and make comments about a bike that like "what a pile of crap",.... atleast  i made them take a second look and it didnt cost much to make them look .i have a total of $4500 into the bike incuding the purchase of the bike.i drive it every where.its very dependable since it only had 4700 original miles.i hard tailed it w/ plumbing pipe frome homedepot.the intake is pvc plumbing pipe frome homedepot.Kat made my Jack Daniels seat.Chip at main street motors wired the bike.fender is an old 30's car tire cover.Tail light is an old turnsignal.Tach is 60's honda,handle bars are a set of widend sportster bars.Chain tensioner is a 19 tooth sprocket from graingers.exhaust is made from 1 3/4 and 2" car exhaust tubing.fender struts are from a mini bike.Kicker is fake and off of old yamaha.Tires are vintage reproduction.mirror 29 ford.wheels 2002 dyna.The finish is a combination of acid,rusty water,paint,heat and glue.
2001 sportster.
4700 original miles..
Lowered 5 inches.
stock 883cc.
this bike was mint before it was turned into a rat.
custom Jack Daniels spring seat.
hard tailed.
16" rear sealed wheel and new Vintage tire. custom tail light.
custom sproket tensioner.
21" front sealed wheel and new vintage tire.
vintage tach.
new wassell peanut tank.
custom bars.
custom oil tank.
new battery. cust rear fender.
springer front end
crane hi 4 ign.
patina rat finish(green and rust)
Wheels and Tires:

21" front.. 16" rear

Body & Paint: Crappy
Lifestyles: American Iron