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"Zivanka"     1974 Cadillac Fleetwood

Introduction / Overview:

Zivanka is a 1974 Cadillac Fleetwood, but has spent almost all her life as a Miller-Meteor hearse.

I bought her in 2003 from a funeral home in Missouri who bought her new in 1974, so I'm second owner. She was in service until October 2002.

I have all her original paperwork: title, owner's manual, emissions manual, wiring diagram, and even the order form to have her converted to a hearse.

Drivetrain: 472 V-8
Wheels and Tires: Original Cadillac wheels and hubcaps.
Body & Paint:

All original...after the hearse conversion of course. There are indications she started out as a white Fleetwood.

There are a few signs of rust at the lower doors and one taillight, but the paint is okay overall and the landau roof and bars are in great shape.

Interioir: All original parts from Miller-Meteor or Cadillac. The floor, rollers, coach lights, and curtains are all in great shape. The seats, dash, and headliner are in okay condition. The carpet definitely needs some work (ok, so it needs replaced).
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