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"The Coupe"     1989 Nissan 240SX

Introduction / Overview: I've owned this car forever. I'm not in a rush to build it, kinda just taking my time. I've got a vision of what its going to be like and I won't settle for less

I got the motor off a good friend of mine who own's a BNR34 GT-R. It's a super fresh RB26DETT that had a little over 28,000km(17,xxxmi) when we pulled it. Still need a RB25 trans, and more than likely going with the Mckinney Motorsports swap kit.

So far I've upgraded the oil pump to a Nismo unit (not N1) because these motors are known starvation. Also I purchased a Tomei oil pan Baffle and Mine's Triple Flow Camcover Baffle plates. I plan on doing a mod that releases the oil trapped in the back of the head under hard acceleration and dumps it back to the oil pan.

I also replaced all the gaskets on the hot and cold side of the motor.

Chassis: Had a friend of mine do the cage. Tim Johnsrud of "Theory in Practice Engineering". Going to do a few things to strengthen the front end. S-chassis are known to be flimsy up front
Wheels and Tires:


Front- 18x9.5

Rear- 18x10.5

Body & Paint: Coming Soon!
Interioir: Coming Soon!
Lifestyles: Build-It, Drive-It, Race only, Tuner