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"Allie"     2001 Oldsmobile Alero

Introduction / Overview:

This is my beater and current project car. i plan on making it a pretty quick machine for cheap. just to show that you can make a good car out of a dead company.

So far its been pretty good, with a performance intake and new wheel, my Alero looks, sounds and goes awesomely. Soon i'll have a new exhaust and performance chip.

if the winter doesnt kill her, i'll take her drag racing!


Completely stock for now.  3400 V6 with a Spectre intake. stock transmission. FWD. My plans for it are abit.. out there, but it would prove to be a sick ride. what i want to do i rip out most of the engine bay and undercarage, most likely to sell. i would drop in a crate motor with new supports and convert it to RWD, AWD or best yet, 4WD. put in some other stuff to make it all work.

Chassis: Stock, apart from some undercarriage surgery/
Wheels and Tires:

Pro touring tires on factory aluminum wheel.

Body & Paint:

Maroon red paint job. Porsche badge is gone.

A storm brought hail damage, so i'll get it fixed, repainted and buffed so smooth that bugs would slip off.

Interioir: I put on racing pedals and stuck in a CB radio.
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