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"WILD_GT"     1971 Chevrolet Vega

Introduction / Overview:

  An early PRO-Street car, as it was built prior to any kits or sub assemblies being available. The car is entirely hand built. It was started in 1975 and completed (in it's original form) in 1977. It was built using one of the earliest Doug Nash 5-spd manual transmissions manufactured, sitting behind a stout LT-1 style SBC, with a Crower roller and single Holley 750 under the hood. The rear half was mini-tubbed and a hand built sub-frame constructed, with an Chrysler 8 3/4" hung on hand built 4-link bars and Koni coil-overs. While I was just in high school at the time, I did hang out at the shop when I could and helped hold this or turn that, adding my 2-cents worth when ever an opinion was asked. When the car was completed, Wayne, the owner/builder found he had invested too much time and money to chance it getting into an accident, so it was rarely used. He did get the car featured in a 1978 issue of Car Craft's "Street Freaks" magazine! His wife convinced him the money would be better used elsewhere, so it was sold to one of my closest friends. Mike mostly used the car for 1/4 mile adrenalin spurts on county roads, but he also found the car parked and after a year of non-use, I bought it and began it's re-birth. 

  First I fixed several small things that were no longer working. I then entered it in  the Portland (OR) Roadster Show, and with the help a my club friends, detailed it back to as new or better, and won 1st in Non-blown Street Machine. I continued to add chrome and detail, but also changed several of the major components to keep with the times (80's), including tires and wheels, a tunnel ram and 660 holleys,a interior update and seat change, etc. I also drove the car all over western Washington and Oregon to car runs and races. Twice I towed it to Sacramento. to the Cal-Expo Street Machine Nat's event, and had a great time showing the Pro-Street crowd there that 5-spd cars can get to 2nd gear in a 60-ft drag/burn-out. I also got the car photo'd and featured in an obscure Pin-Up style car magazine called "AutoBuff". 

  Eventually I could feel the motor was getting tired, so I pulled it down to freshen and add a stronger cam and gear-drive (the rage at the time) and somewhere in (during) that effort, I bought my first house, tore it apart to re-model, got married and had our daughter, then priorities changed! However, the Vega is on the list, and will be back soon!  


-Narrowed 8-3/4 posi on hand built 4-link & Koni's

-LT-1 style 355-CI SBC, Crower roller, tunnel ram, 660's, etc

- Doug Nash (Richmond Gear) 5-spd !


-stock Vega front with custom x-member

-Hand built rear sub-frame and x-members

-Molley tubing welded to the floor pan for Sub-frame connectors

-5-point roll cage, removal of rear seat


Wheels and Tires:

-Front, Weld Wheels 15x3.5, with Michelin VW tires.

-Rear, Weld wheels 15x10, with Pro Stock brand tires.

Body & Paint:

-rear wheel wells stretched 2.5-inches and mini tubbed

-NOS trim and chrome

-custom ridged and rimmed hole in the hood for the tunnel ram

- Stock colors, but painted in hand rubbed laquer



-Rear seat removed

-Fiero bucket seats with the speakers in the headrests

-door panels changed to match the Fiero fabrics, two-tone gray

-black thick deep carpeting

-AM-FM-Cassette !  with 6x9 Jension rear speakers! (So old School)

-S&W gauges, including a direct drive tach!


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