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"Sancha"     1923 Ford Model T

Introduction / Overview:

Hi I’m Sam some people know me by T-Bone and not because of my car but because I got t-bone on the freeway by an SRP semi and survived well enough about me for now; this it my T bucket, it took a year to build it, my friend Mike and I build it from scrash. The reason it took so long it’s because I had to drive from Phoenix to Lake Havasu on my days off and if any of you ever driven to Lake Havasu you know it’s a long drive but very nice view. Well I would like to start with giving a special thanks to my friend Mike and his wife April because with out them and his knowledge, his tools and their back yard I would have never being able to create this cool cars.




The chassis was made from scratch also we went to a metal shop picked up so metal scraps and spot weld them together and my friend Mike did all the Welding cause I really suck at it! Lol

Wheels and Tires:

The rims are cregars and the tires are Mackey Thomson

Body & Paint:


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