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"Billitproof 2007"     1927 Ford Custom

Introduction / Overview:

These are some of the pics took at the 2007 Billetproof show in Antioch, CA, September 15th.

If you like what you see, PLEASE JOIN.

Special thanks to Alan for putting on a fantastic show and to Kirk for making it happen in the beginning.

Any questions about the cars, shoot a message to this user account.

MyRideisMe just launched 9/1/2007. We're like a really good party that hasn't started happening yet. It takes happening hot rodders and bikers to make the party work in the long run. Thanks for joining!


Drivetrain: Blood sweat and tears of the owners
Chassis: Friends and family giving up weekends
Wheels and Tires: The beers and laughs that kept them going
Body & Paint: Candy -flaked-primer-hot hues
Interioir: The families that support them
Lifestyles: Builder, Old-School, Hot Rodder, Custom Rodder, Build-It, Drive-It, H.A.M.B.