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"Projectcan"     1996

Introduction / Overview:

Actually the model is Vulcan 1500 Classic but this option was not selectable. Anyhow, the engine displacement will increase close to 1600cc. The bike will be transformed from a typical cruiser to a one-of-a-kind custom bike; lower, longer, faster, cleaner.

In fact I liked the bike in this "shape" quite a lot, but, well, things happen...My garage started to be full; late 2006 a Harley-Davidson Road King Classic was added in the family and it started to be clear that something needs to be done. So we agreed with my son, Jussi, that we start a new custom project; he decides on the main design principles and parts to be used and my share is then to make it all somehow work.

In the Philippines you need to order all necessary parts from overseas, mainly US of course. Takes time and have to spend extra money for shipping, customs etc. but no choice really. Better not to set any fixed schedules, that we have learned already years ago.

The main pictures show how the bike looked before starting the current project in August 2007. All the paint is original, but you can see that it has gone through some customizing already since I got the bike in 1998.


Wheels and Tires:

Rear will go from original 16" to 18" and front from 16" to 19". Lower profile tires naturally as well; 160/60 in the rear and 120/70 in the front.

Body & Paint:

Frame will not be modified, only smoothed and re-painted. Fenders most likely will be carbon fiber and tank will get a much cleaner look and matching paint scheme with the new fenders. Floorboards are history, a set of forward controls will be installed.

Lights, mirrors etc. will all be changed; not quite sure yet about some of final options.

Original seat will get a new life; it will be used for making a new solo seat.

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