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"Interceptor"     1965

Introduction / Overview:

The ride is a Royal Enfield Interceptor, Mk1 / 1965. Very likely it is the only one in the Philippines; the rumours tell that 3 bikes were imported here in 1966 (?) and the other two were shipped out of the country later on. My Interceptor has some features typical for both UK and US models, something they did at the factory by using available parts. Twin front brakes represent the UK model, small tank US model etc.

The restoration took about 18 months. All paint work and re-chroming was done locally in Manila. Replacement parts were sourced and imported from Hitchcocks Motorcycles, UK. And naturally I did all the de-assembly and re-assembly by myslef, at home.

Wheels and Tires:

Original rims re-conditioned, new stainless steel spokes. Metzeler tires, work well.

Body & Paint: Locally painted, using original color codes. The frame has not been changed in any way. All the electrical wiring has been re-done, still using original alternator. Lucas magneto was re-conditioned in Finland by a Lucas specialist; he seems to be one of the very few with skills and parts in northern Europe
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