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"Show Special"     1933 My Ride is Me

Introduction / Overview: Hang on tight to this bucket of nuts.  A modified '54 Corvette Blue Flame Six powers this 'ol '33 body (sans roof).  Lotso gum, duct tape and bailing wire keep 'er together while snapping your friend's neck as you blow dollars out the header pipe.
Drivetrain: Corvette Blue Flame Six, 4 speed cruncher with Halibrand rear.
Chassis: Various pieces from other left over projects.
Wheels and Tires: They match.
Body & Paint: Remains of a '33 Chev Coupe. Paint?  Don't need no stinking paint.
Interioir: Less than comfortable.  Hop over the welded doors and drop in.
Lifestyles: Old-School