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"632"     1965 Volkswagon Beetle

Introduction / Overview:

In 2001 this 1965 Brazilian Beetle became mine. It was completely stock having been freshly imported from Brazil. Its a bit of an anomaly as its the wrong shape for the year, came with a factory fitted engine from the early oval era, and a general mis-match of parts that've made any subsequent repairs a bit hit and miss when sourcing bits! It also came with a few neat accessories, a non original but quite decieving period colour, and a set of "instant death" cross plies.

The cross plies were binned soon after a 180° spin on a wet round about, which saw me reverse out the exit lane looking into some very disapproving faces of the drivers who had been behind me / now infornt of me! A set of BRM replicas of off Ian at Wolfsburg Performance Services and new rubber was fitted. Early on I wanted to replicate the 70's feel of orange shades and found some film for the windows that said just the right thing. I narrowed the beam to get those wheels tucked in a little, and with Keiths help managed to find a Keith Seume 1776 engine which had never had a car bolted onto it. More recently the bumpers have gone to make way for those T bars. It doesn't break any moulds, but I love it.

Plans include a new gearbox after I exploded the diff in the long suffering stock 1200 'box, and hopefully some more horses courtesy of a new block I'd like to put together over the winter.


1776cc VW engine.  Engle 120 cam. Twin 40 Weber carbs.

Stock 1200 Transmission (Recently Exploded by my heavy foot!)

Chassis: Stock Beetle Chassis.
Wheels and Tires:

Replica BRM alloys. 15inch x 5.5j. Tyres are Firestone 135's up front and Bridgestone 215 70s out back (I think! They might be 205's).


Body & Paint: The Body is standard with no mods to the metalwork. Obviously the bumpers have been swapped out for some alloy T bar. The colour is not original, but was resprayed in Brazil by previous owners. Its a nice period looking metalic though, but sadly I don't know what it is so colour matching is always a bit hit and miss. The time is coming for a full respray and I'll have to decide whether to try and match this and keep it (a lot of folks like it, as do I) Or take the opportunity for something new and this space (while I watch out for when the bank balance can take this kind of hit!)
Interioir: Interior is standard except for a selection of Autometer guages. Oh and a nice Hurst Shifter.
Lifestyles: Old-School