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"Old_school_Hot_Rod"     1973 Dodge Power Wagon

Introduction / Overview: this my plan for my future hot rod. The pictures represent the ideas I got. they act as a "mood panel".
Drivetrain: As a result of my donor car this will be a rare choice: 4 wheel drive. The front axle MUST be a solid one, so it is! Engine the standard 308 of the dodge W200, army pickup. Three speed trans. Engine relocated completely behind the front axle. The only thing the is allowed in fornt of the axle is the radiator!

use as much as possible of the original frame. Maybe boxing it. the adaptions for the front and rear axle as a factory look a like. No square tubing on this car. I always wanted to use air bags on a car so to be flexible in the ride-hight. So bad luck for the old school leaf springs, they have to go. It has to lie on the ground when parked, riding hight about 2,5 inch.

Wheels and Tires: original army rims, eight bolts, kind of industrial look. white walls are mandatory!
Body & Paint: still not sure if it should be patina look or painted red / white /black in the SoCal sceme.
Interioir: no plans yet. Rough materials, but detailed. No rust and no junk.
Lifestyles: Builder, Old-School, Hot Rodder, Build-It, Drive-It