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"240sx"     1992 Nissan 240SX

Introduction / Overview: N.A. KA 189whp 171 tq to the wheels at last dyno tune car is getting some new head work hopefully those numbers will jump higher

port and polished head by head games 5 angle valve job +1mm valves, dual valve springs, retainers from ferrera 

bc stage 3 cams

jwt cam gears

eagle rods

wiesco 10.5 to 1 pistons

450cc injectors 

xcessive manifold

dc sports header

catco highflo cat

rsr exmag

asp underdrive pulley

altima fan

koyo radiator

custom intake

c's short shifter 

 more that i cant think of


jic au-1 coilovers

every adjutable piece kazama sells

viscous lsd with 4.4 gears

autopower roll cage

tanabe strut tower brace

tanabe sway bars

j30 brakes 

em racing pillar bar 

more i cant think of 

Wheels and Tires:


16x8.5 +20mm  front

16x9    +25mm  rear 


ssr mk2r

16x8 +32 pair


350z base wheels pair 

Body & Paint:

xenon lip

kouki 180sx side skirts

kouki 180sx rear valance 

jdm rain gaurds

h4 conversion

180sx center panel 


endless steering wheel

impul pedals

corabeu seat

bubble shift knob 

 more i cant think of

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