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"Gone Ballistic"     1996 Chevrolet Lumina

Introduction / Overview: Here's my last toy! It  was an IHRA, NHRA Legal Alcohol Funny Car. I competed at the Divisional and National Event level for several years with this car running a best 1/4 mile ET of 6.00 @ 235 MPH and a best 1/8 mile of 3.82 @ 189 MPH
Drivetrain: Power came from a 548 cu. in. Blown Alcohol Kieth Black. The compression was 12.5 to 1 with a 14-71 Hi Helix Retro supercharger producing 47lbs of boost. The power was transfered through an AFT 11" 6 stand slider clutch to an air shifted three speed Lenco. The final drive ratio was  4.56
Chassis: The Chassis was originally the last "Blue Max" car Raymond Beedle ordered. It has since been totally redone by John Sandahl of Tube Chassis Design in Rockland, Ma.
Wheels and Tires:

16"x17" Goodyears were mounted on 16" Convo-Pro's

Body & Paint: Paint was applied by Charlie (Smokey) Gomm of J&S Autobody and the airbrushing and lettering was done by Leroy Harriman of Belfast Maine.
Interioir: As you can imagine the interior was pretty much "ALL BUSINESS"!
Lifestyles: Race only