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"Fear the Neon"     2003 Dodge SRT-4

Introduction / Overview: This car rides the line between track and street. Despite already clocking over 100,000 miles, it earns respect one lap and race at a time
Drivetrain: Equipped with a stock block A855 2.4 turbocharged engine, I have made a few subtle tweaks, including an upgraded PCM and sensors, larger injectors, and some port work done by myself, as well as some slight modifications to the turbo. When stock, the car put down 238hp and 250lb ft to the rollers. With the modifications done to the engine, as well as a full 3" turbo back exhaust, it should put significantly more power down now.
Chassis: This is where I spent most of my time. A full set of Prothane suspension bushings and motor mount inserts, KW coilovers, Hotchkiss adjustable swaybars, Avid transmission mount, and a custom alignment has removed the understeer dialed in at the factory, and all but eliminated wheelhop.
Wheels and Tires: Stock17x6 inch wheels limit my tire choices, at the moment I am rolling on 215/40/17's. I went too low on the profile, handling is great, but NVH is brutal.
Body & Paint: This consists of dents, scratches and dings. I pulled off the shopping cart wing for aesthetic reasons. I got bored and installed LED's in the tail lights one night, that's about as good as I get in this department.
Interioir: I added a more accurate boost gauge, and an oil pressure. Also added a better mounted shift knob that doesn't fall off when I WOT shift.
Lifestyles: Builder, Build-It, Drive-It, Club Racer, Tuner