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"Econoline"     1961 Ford Econoline Van

Introduction / Overview:

I have this truck for roughly two years.  I paid too much for it off the bat.  I ran poorly, had a broken motor mount.  Overheated inthe summer.  extremely sparce interior.  No side windows.  It had a decent paint job and I bought the story of its condition from the owner.  I am prone to that.  Anyway, its taken a bit of work, but its one of my all time favs...just something I feel in love with. 

Drivetrain: 200 ford  6.  3speed on the column.  4:10 gears....
Chassis: stock faux frame unibody, mid engine
Wheels and Tires: Cragar SS, and BFGS, skinny in the front and as big as I could get in the back.
Body & Paint: Black, not the best paint job...but itll do!
Interioir: Just dynomatted it, and bedlinered the floor.  I Insulated the engine compartment as well.
Lifestyles: Custom Rodder