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"1933 Ford"     1933 Ford Coupe

Introduction / Overview: We purchased this car 4 years ago. Pulled it apart to build it our way. Couldnt leave well enough alone. So Jerry and myself are tearing it up.

Was 700r and 350 TPI. Going all Ford now.


Re-welded frame and put Heits SS front. Removed the stock Mustang stamped arms. Pulled the stock Mustang brakes and went with Baer all the way around.


UPDATE.... Bought a new frame and plan on getting back on this car next year.

Wheels and Tires: Pulled the whells that came on it and went with 17" Boyd's and BFG's.
Body & Paint:

Will be repainted the same colors.

Interioir: Going to Robert in Kema Texas.
Lifestyles: Builder, Hot Rodder, Street Rodder, Custom Rodder, Build-It, Drive-It