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"My first car"     1963 Volkswagon Beetle

Introduction / Overview: This is my first car. Bought in hayward california in 1986 from original owner. I made car run and drove it in highscholl untill i got rear ended by a bunch of girls in a superbeetle. Sad to say i was just a kid then and sold the car wrecked in 1990 to a guy in phoenix az. Now skip about 17 years I have a 1957 oval window bug and went to a local car show 2006 and bumped into the son of the guy that bought my car in 1990. He mentions his dad still had car and has not driven it in 10 years and its rotting away in his backyard. So as you can know see after soom research and some cash I am know again the proud owner of this 1963 vw bug. Got he car back with no motor and all in pieces after a month of blood sweat and tears she is now back on the road with her first voyage to sonic on 10/10/07.
Drivetrain: 40 horse stock motor

Stock swing axel dropped 2 splines in the rear front pulled a total of 6 torshen leaves rotated to flat side lowered shocks in front.

Wheels and Tires:

Stock smothies og trim rings 165 on back 125 temp radial on front.

Body & Paint: mother nature cured
Interioir: what there is of it stock
Lifestyles: Build-It, Drive-It