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"Project Shurtugal"     1975 Ford Pinto

Introduction / Overview: Shurtagul is a old language that means dragon rider.  Was going to be a race car but i bought it and I am slowly bring it back to street use.
Drivetrain: 2300 Ford 4 cyl that has been blue printed.  Now is Carb but will be getting EFI and a twin turbo.  The trans is a 4 spd but will be replaced with a 5 spd.  The rear is a 8" mustang II unit that will get a 4:10 gear at the same time when the 5 spd goes in.
Chassis: Unibody car but it does have frame connectors and a 6 point roll bar with swing out door bars.
Wheels and Tires: Old school centerlines with big and little tires for now but plans for the future including change the wheels.
Body & Paint: Arizonia car so no body rot but still plenty of rust.  Faded yellow paint which I might just repaint it yellow, just not sure.
Interioir: definately a 70s car with avacado green interior.  This will be changed to black and gray.  No back seat so this is a 2 seater.  Behind the pass seat is the enclosed battery and behind the drivers seat will be the remote control radio.
Lifestyles: Old-School, Hot Rodder, Build-It, Drive-It, H.A.M.B.