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"Fifty 4"     1954 Ford Crown Victoria

Introduction / Overview:

This is the custom I designed in 2002  It was h=finished by Starlite Rod & Kustom in Torrance CA in 2006

It won the 2006 GNRS 1st place in it's division, and as continued to collect awards for the last two years winning 17 out of19 shows it's competed in.

 It has a '65 Buick Wildcat roof chopped 2 1/2 inches the cars been lengthened 7 inches, has a '53 Merc front clip, and bumpers and grille from Chevy's and Corvette.


Drivetrain: All Ford imagine that a Ford in a Ford. 390 with factory tri- power, backed by a toploader 4 speed and a nine ich rear end with a 3.50 Traction Loc.

Reinforced stock with air bags and a four link in the rear. It has rack and pinion steering and Granada disc brakes up front.

Wheels and Tires: it has two sets of wheel  both sets are 15"x 7" F and 15"x 8"R set one is OE center reversed chrome wheels, set two is Astro Supremes.
Body & Paint: Body and paint were done by Starlite Rod & Kustom in Torrance, CA

Interior was stitched by DownTown Willy in Torrance, CA

 It's white with purple naugahyde laid over '65 T-Bird seats F&R  the instrument cluster is from a '56 Ford with Autometer gauges reworked to look like '57 T-Bird units.

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